Capabilities & Equipment

In our Richmond Hill facility, we have the capacity to produce over 700,000,000 parts a year. We can handle runs from 10,000 to 10,000,000 or more all with the same unerring attention to your requirements.

We use the highest quality equipment to produce the labels you have invested in.


One of our most impressive pieces of equipment in our facility would be our 10″ AQUAFLEX, a PRIMOGRAPHIC press that is capable of printing high quality labels and packaging , up to and beyond current industry standards.
Aquaflex Features:
• 10″ X 22″ Print Max
• Six Color Capability
• Four Color Process
• Lamination
• Die cutting
• UV Varnish
• Top coating
• Sheeting
• Deaden Adhesive
• Print on adhesive side
• Printing both front and back, all in one pass!

We have two Mark Andy flexographic presses, utilizing up to 360 line screen ceramic analox for good screen work.
Mark Andy Features:
• 7″ X 15″ print max
• Four Spot Color
• Lamination
• Die cutting
• Sheeting
• Printing both front and back, all in one pass!


• 6 Color In-line flexographic process and line printing
• In-line die cutting, laminating and converting, U.V.
and epoxy gluing
• Specialty packaging of finished products
• Warehousing and drop-shipment services
• Custom Coating